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Holiday Pretzel Cookies
 I buy the round holiday pretzels from Old Dutch.
Hugs Kisses - I use original flavor - but you can use candy cane also. The filled ones with caramel, etc, get too gooey.
Red Hots you can buy in the candy aisle.
 So, you take the wraps off the hugs - I usually do a couple of bags at nite while I'm watching TV.... then just put them in a baggy for easy access.
Warm the oven to 250 degrees. take a large cookie sheet - put the hugs on the cookie sheet - put the pretzels over the hugs.
I put them pretty close together. they don't spread :) Then put them in for 2 - 3 minutes in the oven. take them out of the oven.
Put the candy redhot on top of each one. Then let set out for 3 - 4 hours - or overnite. take a spatula and remove from the cookie sheet after they cool.
Enjoy Kristi



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